About Legacy Pointe Properties

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Land Acquisition

Matching property location and building type with a customer’s needs is part science and part art. Legacy Pointe excels at both. By utilizing a strong network of associates within local governments and planning boards, Legacy Pointe personnel are able to work through zoning regulations and the occasional red tape. This strength provides customers with a real time-saving track to project completion.


Working with over a dozen industry professionals, Legacy Pointe can develop a design plan to meet customer and project requirements. Always surpassing minimum building code and all expectations.


Infrastructure such as site prep, building pads, storm water control, utilities, roads and parking, as well as landscaping is managed and executed by Bonn-A, a subsidiary of Legacy Pointe Properties. This hands-on approach provides premium quality, cost effectiveness and shortens the development cycle.


Superior construction methods and attention to detail are essential elements to delivering a high quality product. Like the development phase, this is executed by Bonn-A, a subsidiary of Legacy Pointe Properties. Providing premium quality, cost effectiveness and a shorter development cycle.

Legacy Point Properties holds an unlimited commercial/general contractors license.


The people in the Legacy Pointe organization are active in the sales and promotion of every project. You can work directly with Legacy Pointe representatives through the entire sales process. Not a buying/selling experience, more like co-developing a real estate solution. It is a priority to create an environment for tenants to succeed in their respective businesses.

This approach affords the opportunity to form lasting partnerships with customers.


Managing nearly 500,000 SF and over 200 tenants and/or owners, Legacy Pointe Properties has a proven track record. Professionalism combined with a shared respect with tenants and owners for the value their properties creates satisfied customers and many ongoing partnerships.